Your Questions Answered

Is there a deposit required and how do I pay it?

Preference is given to dates booked with a  20% deposit. It is NOT required for dates less than 12H.

50% deposit is required for travel/FMTY.
Deposits can be paid through Venmo, Cashapp, and Gift Cards.

An Amazon gift card can easily be bought online or in-person at any grocery store or CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid and the gift card code sent to me as a deposit. The rest of the donation will be expected in cash at the start of our session time.

Venmo: @indicacl420

Cashapp: $cirobyn

Cancellation Policy: Cancelling your appointment within 48 hours of our scheduled time forfeits your deposit. If cancelling before 48 hours I will deduct your deposit from your next session. Deposits are nonrefundable unless I cancel the appointment. If you cancel an appointment that did not have a deposit, I will ask for a courtesy 20% cancellation fee. We can not reschedule until this fee is paid or you agree to bring it to the next session. 

Deposits secure our time together and let me know that you are serious about meeting. 

What is included in your session?

I provide a girlfriend experience tailored to YOUR individual needs.

Whether you'd prefer a part-time girlfriend who is sweet & submissive, dominant & daring, the type to meet the family or the colleagues, or to just steam up the bedroom with all night... 

Specific experiences/toys/fetishes are available by request. Fetishes including BDSM, kinks, roleplay... I am very open-minded. I will be sure to let you know if I can not accommodate your request.

I do offer filmed sessions using my own recording equipment. Check out some of my past sessions on my OnlyFans website. I post nudes, videos, client videos, and more there daily!

What's the proper etiquette for meeting you?

After we have greeted each other I will ask you to go into the bathroom to wash your hands. At this time you should place my cash donation in plain sight on a surface in the room then proceed to wash your hands, mouthwash, and use the bathroom/shower as needed. From here you should get comfortable and get ready to relax and enjoy yourself in our passionate encounter. Greek services are on my NO LIST and are never offered. Do not request it. Pre-requested toys and outfits will be made available during our session. You are welcome to bring your own as well.

Do you have reviews?

I prefer to keep all the intimate details of my sessions off of the major review board sites. Why? Because there is not enough done to ensure the reviews are true and written by actual clients. In addition, the reviews are unfiltered and explicitly list illegal acts which can draw unwanted attention from LE. I find it to be an unnecessary risk that can harm my brand more than benefit it. Let's leave a little mystery to the romance! 

You can find a few non-explicit reviews on my private delights page.

I welcome non-explicit reviews posted here on my site and will show them soon!

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